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What does this package include? 

For this package, the client will leave it all to the designer.


- Discovery Call: Introduction and discuss what you want and what you expect to see on your site.


- Design/Create: We start on a blank canvas, this is when the designer decides on a color palette, layout, font, page titles and more. If client will like for designer to create any forms that is also possible. 

- Shoot Content: I am currently only doing 1-hour driving distance to shoot content. Flat rate per mile $2.00/ per mile within the range of 45 - 50 miles. 

- I am currently living in Bellflower, CA.

- Editing Content: Focuses on creating content with professional tools and apps. Editing photographs, or cinematic material (video).

- Social Media: Creating and managing and updating an Instagram or Facebook page or both, depends on the client. Post 3 - 4 times a week. A post can be an image post, a Reels, or a story post. 

         . Building brand awareness 

         . Storytelling

         . Engagement

- Communication: Keeping client informed and up to date. 


- Maximum Monitoring: Starting from scratch is a process, this project will take time. So for these types of projects they will need more of my focus and major creativity. 

5-6 hrs every other day for a week / $30

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A web designer plans, creates, and builds. I love working with a great mix of visual elements, such as; text, photos, graphics, and video clips.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about this package, feel free to contact me. 


Thanks for submitting!

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