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The Wondrous Story

Hello there! My name is Yeovanna, I am currently working as a freelancer. It didn't start off so easy, well what is nowadays, after graduating at Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelor degree in Journalism, I had started to apply for jobs within the field. In the midst of doing so, I was already working for a family member's nonprofit organization. I became to be there marketing, web designer, and social media coordinator.


With no news yet from the other jobs I applied for, I began to worry, feelings of discouragement began to rise, and just overall overwhelmed with the uncertainty of my career. 


It was a few months after when the family member of mine shared word with me that another person was looking for a web designer. Soon after, they became another client. I didn't know I was capable to even have clients. 


My second client were ones who own a body clinic, then came on my third client who is building a nonprofit and a church. 


It's funny where your journey takes you, for me it was a place of building my own brand and business. Of course it isn't easy, but sometimes uncertainty brings blessings and reassurance at the end.

Throughout this process I developed a love for virtual design, and creating content for a few of my clients. I have discovered so much about myself based on what I enjoy doing. I know there is still more to unravel, but I would say that I'm definitely happy.

It was a journey that I saw as something wondrous that inspired a feeling of delight and amazement. As a firm believer of my faith, I trust that it was all under his control and not my own. Still to this day and for forever he will have the reigns' on every journey I have and will embark. 



You can always get in touch with me. 

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